How to Choose a Backpack

Backpacks are one of the important items needed by kids. They rely on them every day to carry school essentials. Although there are lots of options, the wrong one can have an adverse effect on your child’s posture and health. It’s imperative to get a backpack that is affordable, durable and will still offer comfort. These tips will come handy whenever you want to shop for boys backpacks online or in regular stores.

  • Opt for quality bags

Avoid low-quality bags even if they are cheap or look appealing. This is because you may have to buy another one before the academic session ends. Check whether the seams and stitching are neatly done. The best bags usually have zippers with fabric flaps protection. Apart from that, the zippers will open or close without any hassles. You can choose a synthetic or natural material. Here are other features to look out for:

  • Padded back panel and shoulder pads for minimizing shoulder strain.
  • Chest or waist strap to offer support.
  • Reflectors which can help to protect your kids at night.
  • The hip belt is useful for moving the weight from back to the hips. This will go a long way to keep the backpack in place.
    • Choose the right size

Avoid buying an oversize backpack as it’s weight can lead to muscle strain or pain. Inasmuch as you want a backpack that can contain all your kids’ classroom needs, go for the right size. The same thing applies when looking for baby girl bags that will suit your needs. It’s easier to determine this if you’re shopping in a brick and mortar store. Try to measure the child’s back and compare it with the backpack’s measurement when buying online. The length and breadth are usually presented in centimeters.

  • Carry your child along

Many kids tend to express their personal style from an early age. Chances are your children has a particular design or color in mind that is inspired by a TV character. Consider putting their tastes into consideration and let them know that you value their opinion. You can even take them along as you shop for backpacks to make the process simpler. It’s better to buy a bag that your kid will enjoy using each time.

Focus on quality and comfort because a child can end up making the wrong decision. The bottom line is to test them before leaving the store. You can enhance the backpack by adding stickers, key chains or any artwork.

  • Distribute items evenly

Ensure that you buy a backpack that is not more than 10-15% of your child’s weight. This will help to reduce back strain and promote better posture. The backpack should be close to the body with both shoulder straps in place to maintain a balance. Quality backpacks often come with lots of compartments and pockets. Place heavy items like laptops and binders in the compartment that is near the back. The pockets are perfect for storing smaller items.